Hello there! On this webpage you can find several descriptions, tutorials or just my thoughts on something terrible/beautiful I have found or worked with in a given CMS.

And just so that I have written it down: The given descriptions are just my interpretation of how I worked with specific areas.

I don’t say everything here has to be 100% correct or works as designed/intended by the CMS developers. I just want to document/share my experiences and problems.

Planned topics

  • WordPress
    • The good and the bad in my opinion
  • Drupal
    • Custom theme creation
    • Preprocessors
    • Custom drush commands
  • CakePHP
    • Not really a “CMS” in my opinion
  • Strapi
    • A headless CMS variant I think has potential

Newest posts


Sometimes you need to adjust the DOM in a way you can’t do just via overwriting Twig templates. Thats where preprocessors come in handy. Lets assume we already have a custom theme called “mytheme” and created a mytheme.theme file in web/themes/custom/mytheme Even though this file has a .theme extension you can write normal PHP code in there. Preprocessor functions are usually in the following…

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Developer Tools & Debugging

Requirement: Working Drupal site which has already been installed via a local instance or on a server. Add a settings.local.php for your environment specific settings It’s always a good idea to have a config file specific to your currently active environment (e.g. stagging, dev and live server). Drupal already preps that in your web/sites/default/settings.php with the following lines: # if (file_exists($app_root . ‘/’ .…

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Drupal – The advanced one

Drupal is another very popular CMS which has a pretty large community and many “modules” which extend the CMS the way you like. In my opinion Drupal does the following aspects of being a CMS very good: Creation of Content Types, Taxonomies and fields via backend Built in caching systemBuilt in multilingual supportBuilt in backend error log viewer (Watchdog)Very mighty permission systemYou recieve e-mail…

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WordPress – The common one

WordPress is definitely the most well-known CMS in the general public and therefore the first choice for most people to start with. And in my opinion thats totally fine because WordPress has in my opinion: the best backend to manage content in a user-friendly way,the easiest setup to start with, has a huge repository of plugins (which can be a downside as well, see…

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